Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Let's find out the latest Parking Garage

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Parking Garage Overview

The Parking Garage has 3 floors of parking space, a working elevator tower, attendant's booth, and a helipad. Also includes a figure, car, gas station, and car wash.

Playtime Ideas:

  • Children will have fun as they learn to understand the function of the parking garage. They can use the elevator for transportation and pretend to fill the car up at the gas station and clean it at the car wash.
  • Children can role play various characters like worker/customer and create imaginative stories around the Garage. Parents can ask open-ended questions about the Parking Garage and familiarize them with its function in modern life.
  • Children can move the car up and down the ramp, park it etc. Understanding the amount of energy needed to drive the car to a desired destination will help develop hand-eye coordination
  • To increase the fun and enlarge their dream city, children can add other PlanToys® and the Road & Rail set.


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