Monday, June 20, 2011

LEGO City Tow Truck (7638)

LEGO City Tow Truck (7638)

Let's find out the latest LEGO City Tow Truck (7638)

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Let's have a look at our LEGO City Tow Truck (7638) features

LEGO City Tow Truck (7638) Overview

Pieces: 129

Rescue on the road!
When cars break down in LEGO City, the tow truck speeds to the scene! Attach a car to the hook and tow it back to the garage for repairs. Includes roadside emergency lights, too!

  • Includes 1 minifigure and accessories!
  • Tow truck has working wheel lift function!
  • Doors can open and close and the roof can be removed to play inside!
  • Tow truck measures 6 inches (15.2cm) long by 2½ (6.4cm) inches tall!


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